Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sahabat :)

Just to recall the moments I had when I went back to my hometown for a week. It was so nice that even a week of holiday is like a heaven to me. Put aside the the workloads and relieved stress.

So I had a reunion with my old classmates 5 Aman class of 2006 and Anis had to stay with me for four days because she bought a wrong ticket to go back to KK. hahaha
Had a girls day out with the girls. 
and picnic by the the beach (syok sendiri punya time)

12 years of friendship with similar height and strong chemistry. #Iamstilltaller #bestfriend #girlfriend #beach #tanjungaru  #picnic si Anis Lompat~Lompat la tinggi tinggi
Anis's father let us used his car so we can travel or go anywhere we want  but we didnt get to go anywhere because of time and there were times when I had to pick up my youngest brother from school.. hahaha. 

and of course le small reunion :)
#reunion #girlfriends #sembulan #5aman #class2006

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