Thursday, July 8, 2010


yaa..I am so into dancing lately
I was in the class at 4 today and suddenly Ejat gave me a call asking me to join the dance competition
since one of the mate could not join in
so,i just went out the class and meet them
we still trying to figure out what song would be use for the dance..
it's suppose to be modern dance
I went through so many dance cover before and yaa I did the dance a little bit..
still deciding which one is the best and easy for everyone to follow..
dance steps shouldn't' be hard for everyone definitely...
so,ya...please senangkan kerja! :D
song in my mind now >> LOW,WALL TO WALL and Circus plus 80's song....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


and this is killing me!!!



Okay so I know I haven't blogged for sooooooo so loong la juga kan./
Anywaaay, quick update.

nothing much actually,just being busy with classes,assignments and all.
I woke up 6 in the morning today just to finish the sociolinguistics h/work,
straight going to class
had a back to back classes from 10 to 2
it's so seriously,
my body started to function...not very well
i just put a big smile to cover it.
I should't tell you about this in the first place , i guess.

I've noticed that my blog become so boring since my last 5 updates...or even more
i just ran out of idea on what to write
things have become normal again..
i love staying at home doing my own thing,relaxing my body and soul by watching korean's "boraitie" show,movies and listening to their songs.
I even somehow devoted my whole day by watching family outing if got nothing to do.
i don't think that I need anymore vacation than this...

so,staying at home is the best thing to do...
(before raya I MUST dye my hair like this)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

argghh! gemook

da ramai org sia kata aku gemok..haish!
ne yg ta bole ne..
da brapa ari tak gy gym
sumpah esok nak pegi...tapela bf tak pegi (yg,aritu pun i tak pegi ikot u..kali ni tade..u tak pegi,i pegi..hehe)
kena cut down nasi da
bekfas takleh skip,lunch kena mkn..mlm kena control
kena minum air byk2...mkn buah byk2
ujung minggu asyik busy juga ne...
masa da jadi terbalik..weekdays kurg busy siket,weekend busy.
tpi tape,i suka you!
hang out ngan kwan2 semua an
lagi satu,sem ne kena blajar sungguh2,,byk duit pki ohhh...
never take things for granted...kena slalu fikir macm tu.
lastly, Hafiz I love you.

Friday, July 2, 2010

sila cepat sihat ya elle!

da hmpir seminggu asyik sakit,sakit dan sakit...
byk benda tadapat buat..
kemas bilik,cuci kain,workout,dance class pun bru masuk sekali.for this week
DDR pun da main macm bengong2...
ada try version lain,but to me DDR 3RD MIX still da best!rasa mengah pun takpa.
like yesterday pun byk gila bnda yg 'menusuk kalbu' aku..
tataw a maybe aku ne sensitif atau apa kan...
I just couldn't stand people yelling at me for things that I don't do wrong.
dah tak bole nak argue byk bnda ngan org..
I rather balik ruma and layan bnda2 yg menggembirakan diri sendiri
but starting from today,aku da nak strt balik semua banda yg aku buat before this...

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