Wednesday, August 25, 2010


love you sayang :)
it's almost half a year since we've been together.
though we rarely spent time together but I'm glad to have you in my life.
thanx for being one of the my best listener and best friend
aish,I miss you already la! :(

for some unknown reason me and apis rarely take pics together, heh i kinda just realised that lol. sooo in honour of that;
Image and video hosting by TinyPictiba2 gmbr org lain..mbahaha

Sunday, August 22, 2010

kenapa muka saya bulat?

nak buat macam mana?
daddy pun bulat..hehe
afiq pun bulat...
arif dulu bulat kot,sekarang dah tak bulat.
rino,ika x bulat.ikut mami,muka pjg2.

bila bulat ne,macm2 nmpk lain.
kena jaga betul2
pki tudung kena pki elok2,style rmbut kena sesuai
kalo bdan pun bulat,pakaian pun kena jaga.
nanti macm doraemon
mbahahaha...takpe.comel pon :P
haa...ini koleksi shawl saya since 2009.
ada yg ta pernah pki lagi.
pasti akan dipakai!yeay :) :)

takda apa pun

saja tak nak tido..nnti esok bgun awal.

pegi jumpa Apis kejap td,,haih.bilalah dia sihat ne?batuk2 skrg ne.dah dua minggu ta keluar.
wayang,shopping siket and korean street food menanti anda wahai boyfriend..hehehe.pasal andala,saya da jadi penonton setia cerita action dan keganasan.tembak2 apa jadah segala...haish.mula2 tgk,rasa macm nak tutup telinga,tutup mata pun ada..rasa nak tido pun ada..byk kali gak la an.


ya,baru perasan rupanya dah lama sy tak amik gmbr sendiri an..
self-camera atau lebih dikenali sebagai selca.
maaf,muka dah tak lawa.
sape selalu jumpa tawla muka sy macm mana.
malas pun ada juga.
bila tgk2 gmbr org,ada la juga rasa nak amik gmbr an,syok2 sendiri gitu
tp kadg2 tgk gmbr org ada yg memg konpom gmbar tu tipu.dalam gmbr je elok,realiti,tak hot pun.
macam je la..tpi tak.pastu kena puji2 a konon an.
jahat tak?

bila da buka balik blog ne,nyk gila benda nak cerita kan...jarang jumpa org.mana taknya,tak dpt berckp pun takpa

Saturday, August 21, 2010


sy ne tak syg diri ka apa?
muka dah pelik..
ubat macam2 dah telan
mata dah tak nmpk
bdn dah takleh gerak...
berkurung la lama2 lgi
elle,kaw maw mati dah ka??

I miss

dance classes
cardio exercises
doing sit ups with those things
(idk what is it called?)

abg apis and sape2,jomla gy...pegi sorg okay je dah pegi byk kali dah,tpi tak best.motivasi tu ada tpi kurg week kena gy..tak kira!
[DreamTea Entertainment] Girls Day

Thursday, August 19, 2010


So maybe i talk too much. My laugh isn’t as adorable as it could be. I’m loud, but than i can be quiet. Sometimes i can act like a little kid, other times i can be a stuck up bitch. I’ll get annoying, clingy and angry every once in a while. But that’s what makes up me. And if you don’t love all of me, just don’t bother loving me at all.


kadang2 sy jahat,
kadang2 org jahat.
siapa jahat,siapa baik sekarang?
tu bukan persoalannya.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

bukan benci,cuma tak suka

org cakap itu ini pasal sy
org perli sy
org rampas benda dari sy.sebb itula sy semakin menjauhkan diri.bukan apa,malas nak cari masalah lagi.
org buat2 baik padahal sebenrnya penuh dgn hasad dengki
org yg selalu ingat diala yg paling bgus berbanding org lain.
org yg tak reti nak appreciate org lain
kamu pun tak suka kan?
sabar je la.
manusia ne macam2...

tpi smpi bila nak tahan ne?

org tak kenal sy
kat shah alam ne.cuma ada kawan2 dan hafiz sahaja
pendengar setia sy cuma Apis,Ari dan Aya,
mami jauh...jadi tamau risaukan dia sgt
kalu ada masalah pun sy suka diam2.
dan mungkin akan cerita kat mereka berempat sahaja.
tak pun akan duduk diam dalam bilik,bergelap dan layan perasaan sorg2 smpi rasa okay.
org boleh perlukan sy,sy sedia membantu tp maaf sy kdg2 susah buat macm tu sebaliknya.

ada org mungkin fikir sy tak kisah,
I'm not that type of person.
biarpun sekarang ne byk penghalang,tpi sy bukan kejam untuk langsung tidak ambil peduli.
harap cuma tak bole deal dgn penghalang tersebut
maaf. tak suka penghalang itu.bukan benci.tpi ta suka.
Polaroid Graphics

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today More Than Yesterday~ Kim Jong Kook


(I Do) Can you look at one person for the rest of your life?
(I Do) Can you care for someone else more than you do yourself?
(I Do) I can answer whoever asks me
(I Do) You, you’re my love

I will not promise you
If I knew i was going to waver, even for a little bit
I don’t start anything, If I know that the heart can heal itself

I love you more than I did yesterday
I have never met someone so important and precious to me
that it hurts, to meet you
to feel this happiness
I must have dealt with a lot of pain.

When the days are hard, it gets sad
The pain that causes the tears to come
it will end someday
the only thing that is endless is our love

I love you more than I did yesterday
I have never met someone so important and precious to me
that it hurts, to meet you
to feel this happiness
I must have dealt with a lot of pain

I dont want to do this ever again
breaking-up unless it’s a break-up to meet you once more
whenever and forever

Because it feels like my overwhelming heart will explode
because I think the person before my eyes isn’t really you
I run, and embrace the breathing you
I am the idiot, who let go of his worries

Salam Ramadhan...

Semoga kedatangannya kali ini lebih diMaknakan lagi oleh kita...
Hargaila setiap detik yg dilalui sekarang.
Salam Ramadhan..
Selamat Berpuasa
Selamat Menggandakan Ibadah..
Salam Kemaafan dari saya.

ramadhan datang lagi..
Rasa yang pasti berbeza
Namun harus tetap ditempuhi...

Dengan setinggi-tinggi syukur di hati

let's start a new chapter,ya?

Salam everyone!
lama tak buka blog ne kan?
agak2 macm sebulan jugala sy privatekan kerana sebab2 tertentu.sebulan tu jugala sy menahan diri dari menulis atau membaca blog siapa2 pun termasuk entries sy sendiri.And the reason I'm starting to blog again is coz I'm sooo "far" from everyone at the moment and Idk, it just seems practical to blog to keep anyone who's interested or stalking me lol

Yes this is the new layout.Lame isn't it?.I miss my old layout already..hahaha...but things need to change.Sorry,I am still into K-pop so you probably see 70% of it in this layout..sorry again.I couldn't help it.

Quick update~~~
-I am love staying at home,going out only for classes,berbuka and gym.
-I miss some of my friends.It's been a long time since I hang out with you guys.I miss you.u know who you are.
-What happen if someone gets everything that you want and literally, taking your position? hmm..i guess from there I could learn that life isn't easy.
-Gosh,I am not as busy as I used to be.I was asking more free time,and my dream came true lol lol
-I am thinking of doing the graphic designing just for fun.
-Semakin suka memasak.

-I have so many things that I want but it's okay..I can wait

[I've been waiting for you for almost four months,I don't mind waiting for another two months :) :) *hint ]

terpengaruh oleh budak2 snsd ne..hehe

or maybe if I got Dean's list again this semester.
"Thing never come easy especially when we really want it. So we have to endure and persevere not to procrastinate."This is what my daddy said.heeee~ <3

-Starting from this very moment,I am not going to wear shorts anymore.You can consider this as the first step...[though still long way to go]
dah plan betul2,nak slow2...tamaw rushing2 gitu
yes,u know what I mean.
[tak nak la macm dulu lagi.pakai buka pakai sebelum itu..buatla apa nak buat ngan rambut ne supaya takda nak rasa buka2 nanti.kang org kata hipokrit.bila tiba masanya tu jugala sy dah tak peduli org nak kata apa.biarla benda datg dari hati yg ikhlas.tapayah nak tanya org ok ke tak apa suma]

Family Outing,it could heal your pain or me
bila sedih tgk ini..

Sehari tak tgk,memg tak boleh.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Haa..kembali seperti biasa...

it feels great now...
Here I am...
not bragging or anything
Living here in Shah Alam all alone...for almost 3 years
being independent, taking care of myself well, went through lots of ups and downs.
there are times when I just felt like I gave up, tired of 'entertain' others,thought that how I wish I never met ' have no idea how long did it takes for me to be this strong.
I'm done taking care of people who never appreciated others who helped 'em a lot
just say whatever they want to say and hurt other people by their 'statement'.
So,I would just decided not to care anymore.
I always be the first person who apologized though it was not always my fault.
I was putting down my ego many time and seriously, I am done with it now
I'll back off so that they can live better.I am not that important anyway.

When I watched television favorite sitcom's, "Friends", I can't help wishing that I too had such great friends.they are still the same person that I met 3 years ago.The bond is still going strong and hopefully,it remains until we grow old.The reason why I feel I can stay here longer than I expected.People do come and go...For me,it's normal.

Yes,I am so in love now.though it just started for half a year, I always knew that one day,I could meet a great person to fall in love with.I gave chance to myself.Once you meet a great guy..please appreciate would never feel bored or annoyed if you really like that person.

Happy birthday to my baby "Eatursheet"
it is already a year since I made you..You've grown so beautifully.Thanx for being such a great 'friend' I love you :)

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