Saturday, November 2, 2013

Back to Basic

Assalamualaikum wbt semua!!

Notice any different on my blog?Well, it's not really obvious bt I've changed it to basic template. I've been wanting to have a 'normal' layout for my blog and here it is!

So, what's the latest update that I want to share with you guys?.. Oh ya,I'm planning to go to Korea on April next year.. The selected date will be from 13th April to 21st April and ya,I'm not going alone. Anis will be joining me for the trip.. Soooo sebenarnya tiket pun belum beli lg..terlepas prmosi air skrg kena tunggu lg..So,now tgh usha2 mana maw tinggal,makan,jalan2 dan yg sewaktu dengannya..Next entry I will show you my itinerary plan.Hehehe..In the end, aku decide maw pegi during Spring season!! wee hooo!!..Cherry blossom..bunga2an!!

Oh Wait!!! Kenapa blog aku ni kejap dalam bahasa English, kejap bahasa Melayu (Melayu ka?..more like Sabahan punya accent ni..hik3).Tuan punya blog ni memang x betul sikit..Hehehe...

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